Top 5 Reasons To Use MailChimp

As many of us know, emailing marketing can be a tediously time consuming yet necessary task that often requires some help, which is why there are a whole bunch of  reasons to go bananas for the evolution of MailChimp! Here are the top five.

Ease of Use – You do not have to be a programming guru or hold a design degree to consistently deliver a professional and appealing appearance with MailChimp because given its numerous user friendly features and do-it-yourself tools, publishing your content has never been simpler.

Options – From pre-designed to customizable templates, your newsletters are sure to make an impact on your target market. When your almost endless options are applied appropriately, things may swing your way whether you are new to the worldwide zoo or an experienced worldwide web adventurer.

Social Tags – You can also use the application programming interface to sync your client databases and shopping carts courtesy of MailChimp and its current connections with websites such as facebook, PayPal, and twitter, as well as several other popular and preferred sites.

Pricing – Although a regular membership is “Forever Free” for sending up to 12,000 emails a month to a limit of 2,000 subscribers, there are some special features that you can only get by having a paid monthly account. These include Delivery Doctor, Inbox Inspector, Time Warp, Social Pro, Auto responders, and Simple Transactional Service.

Security – You don’t have to worry about any predatory problems in the potentially dangerous jungle that is the internet. The implementation of the latest online privacy policies and programs will ensure that your personal and professional information is respected as expected and also fully protected.

So please don’t monkey around with your email marketing, give MailChimp a try.