Guide On Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Also known as Search Engine Optimization, has become a popular tool for bloggers and website makers alike, but what exactly is SEO? Search engines work off specific keywords. When a person enters “cakes” into the search bar, Google recognizes websites that contain this keyword and compile a list of searches that are relevant to the keyword the person originally searched for. That being said, a website that doesn’t utilize keywords will not come up on the list – not a good thing for companies that need to be found online.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic – Though traffic on the road is a bad thing, internet traffic, especially heavy traffic, is a very good thing for a website suffering from it. Specific keywords that are integrated into websites content can drive more traffic to its site than a website that does not utilize those keywords. Sites that are based on e-commerce business rely heavily on internet traffic. Without internet traffic their site and therefore their company, will not get the client exposure needed in order to make money.

Effective, Non-Intrusive Marketing – People hear the term “marketing” and are instantly turned off. In the world of SEO, marketing is an entirely different ordeal. Customers are already searching voluntarily for your website based on specific keywords; therefore they are looking for your business instead of your business marketing to uninterested customers. By having an effective SEO campaign, you can ensure that more customers who are interested in your type of business actually find your business – this means more customers actually utilizing your service than those accidentally stumbling upon your site.

Build More Followers – Since people searching for your site are doing so voluntarily, you have a higher chance of developing more followers, more loyal customers and more visitors because they are already searching for your site in the first place.

How Do I Effectively Utilize SEO? – One issue is effectively utilizing SEO. Many individuals and companies have a great SEO campaign, but a poor website. Before creating a strong SEO campaign, make sure you follow a few expert tips on how to use it effectively for the best results:

  • Create a quality domain that offers real products, real advice and is a real business for customers to find.
  • Utilize unique content within your website. Websites that have drab, boring or regurgitated content might have great SEO to gain the attention of visitors, but not have good enough content to keep those visitors on their site long enough to make a purchase.
  • Make sure the keywords you utilize are actually relevant to your company, products and overall mission. Therefore an accounting firm should not focus heavily on banking, business, etc. unless they specifically offer those services within their accounting service.

Companies that effectively use SEO will find that their website has higher traffic, more customers and even higher revenue than sites that do not – all of which mean a more successful site and business in the end.