Flashback On Facebook With Timeline

The freshest feature on the 800 million member social network of Facebook is the new design which is appropriately called Timeline, and one of its main tasks is to track a member’s colorful history in one quick click.

This recent remodel means that as of now, all of your pics and posts of the past are prepped for popping up for all your friends to see. Of course, while this montage of memories may be an acceptable switch for some, it could be undesirably dangerous for others, both socially and professionally.

The length of time that someone has been active in Facebook will surely determine the number of digital breadcrumbs they have left sprinkled on the network and also across the worldwide web, which can often be indefinite. So let’s say that your present profile appears to be proper and pretty though this was not always the case, well if you have not realized by now, cyberspace is a place where it is truly possible for your past to come back and haunt you.

The good news is that you can be in control of the content! From your cover, which is the first thing that visitors will see when they view your timeline, to your stories, by being able to share and highlight your preferential picks. Also, when you get timeline, you will have a whole week to tweak it prior to anyone else being able to see it. Although everybody is affected by the change, users can either wait for a notification from the system or activate it ahead of time by going to facebook.com/about/timeline and getting a head start, as eventually everybody’s profile will be converted to the latest look.

The creator of this concept is none other than the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and he initially introduced the idea in September of 2011 at the company’s annual developer conference. Unlike the old Facebook profile page which displays only the most up to date info on a member, Timeline offers a more comprehensive portrait of a user by exposing additional information that has been entered ever since their Facebook life began.

Overall, the forecast is fun, but depending upon how long you have been a “fan” or how infatuated you are with the “book”, considering the “facelift”, you may want to review the globally visible things that you use to say and do!