Social Media: 5 Top Reasons Why Your Company Should Embrace It

By Baycentric / February 15, 2012 / 0 Comments

Whether your company has embraced social media or shunned it, the hard-to-ignore reality is that social media is important, relevant and highly useful to individuals and companies of all sizes. Before you start with cries of not having enough time or energy, consider the top five reasons that social media can help your business. Become […]

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Top 5 Reasons To Use MailChimp

By Baycentric / January 4, 2012 / Comments Off on Top 5 Reasons To Use MailChimp

As many of us know, emailing marketing can be a tediously time consuming yet necessary task that often requires some help, which is why there are a whole bunch of  reasons to go bananas for the evolution of MailChimp! Here are the top five. Ease of Use – You do not have to be a […]

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Guide On Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By Baycentric / December 22, 2011 / Comments Off on Guide On Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Also known as Search Engine Optimization, has become a popular tool for bloggers and website makers alike, but what exactly is SEO? Search engines work off specific keywords. When a person enters “cakes” into the search bar, Google recognizes websites that contain this keyword and compile a list of searches that are relevant to […]

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Update All of Your Social Media with One Site

By Baycentric / December 15, 2011 / Comments Off on Update All of Your Social Media with One Site

It’s time to update family, friends and coworkers on what is new with you, which is a rather tedious task. You log-in to Facebook, Twitter and now MySpace. Once you log-in you realize you have numerous messages and notifications that never came to your email. Worse, you can’t remember your Twitter log-in information! Instead of […]

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