5 Elements Of A Great Website

At Baycentric we pride ourselves on being a leader in the world of web design by offering a variety of services not offered by other design firms. These services include SEO and SEM for small to medium sized businesses and website maintenance. We understand business is changing and that means your business website needs the flexibility to change too.

We offer the following five elements of a great website:

1. Simplicity: Ease of navigation and a less-is-more approach to content is best. Too much writing and no pictures or white space turn readers off and turn prospective clients away from your business. You can provide details through marketing materials or sub-pages like “Who We Have Helped” or through blog posts.

2. Contact information: It might be obvious to have contact information on a website until you really look at websites. Sometimes the contact information is not easy to find. Sometimes there is no Contact Us button or the Contact Us feature is broken. We have even seen websites with no phone number! Your clients and prospects need to be able to reach you from and through your website!

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): At Baycentric we offer SEO services to our clients that increase the online presence, driving views to their website and increasing search results. The Google algorithm (“math” of Google searching) is constantly changing. We understand SEO isn’t your core business which is why we make it ours. We want to help your business be found online.

4. Social Media Links: In addition to reaching your business directly through the website it is important for readers to be able to reach you through social media links on the website. Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular.

5. Blog: A consistent approach to blog posting will create a following for your blog and business. Posting tips once or twice a week is effective for driving traffic to the blog and the rest of the website. Include links to previous blog posts and other pages of your website to keep your readers on your site and not clicking to others.

Please contact us through our website at http://baycentric.com/contact-baycentric/. We promise the page is in working order and look forward to meeting you!

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