3 Ways to Be More Efficient Online

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of information readily available to us via the internet. From business to personal we are bombarded with deals, news, information and tips. Running a business or being an expert in your field means having focus. How can you focus with so much information coming to your email? How do you find time to sift through social media updates? How do you manage all the incoming and outgoing newsletters? We have a few ideas!

Here are three ways to be more efficient online:

  1. Email in Business: While the use of email in business has decreased with the developments of instant messaging and social media, email is here to stay. Creating folders, automatic filters and deleting messages you no longer need are ways to make time spent on email more efficient.  The search option of email is a great tool to find specific emails on specific topics and from specific people.
  2. Social Media Scheduling: Websites like Hootsuite are not only affordable tools they help keep your social media updates organized and current. Keep in mind the time needed to schedule the updates as well as time to check social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Don’t get lost in the madness of social media! Utilize schedulers as a starting point or for times when you are busy or out of the office and remember to post “live” also. The live posts tend to get better feedback from the audience.
  3. Newsletters: Opt-out is an option for ALL email newsletters! Increasing efficiency may mean opting out of newsletters that no longer provide value to you or your business. Another option is to have an assistant filter the news and provide you only relevant content and articles. For your own business newsletter it is best to provide consistency first and content second. Once a month or biweekly with limited content – perhaps a message and links to articles of interest or blog posts from your website. Keep the audience engaged and not bombarded and your newsletter won’t be an opt-out!

Here’s to your business and career thriving with these tips for efficiency!

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