A Business Blog With A Side Of Personality


It’s important for businesses to keep blogs these days. Blogs help to define who we are and what we do. But if you keep a very personal business blog you might not be serving the true interest of those who visit your site and read your blog.

Because people will visit your site to find out about you and what you do, your blog can add a personal touch to the otherwise static information found at your site. Blogs are a great place to announce new products or services and to make announcements about the company. But if you lean too far toward the personal, visitors might not get what they are seeking.

Here are four essential tips to keeping your blog in line, personally and professionally.

1. Keep in mind why visitors are visiting

They click on “blog” on your website because they want to know that you are active and they want to learn more about your business. It’s OK to share some personal business, and that can be good in terms of making you very human, but at the end of the day, they are looking for information about your business and trying to decide if they want to do business with you.

2. Don’t forget to share customer successes

Your visitors are potential customers who want to get a sense of how well you take care of customers. Share success stories about customers finding just the right product or how your service changed their life or their business. Feel free to brag, as long as that bragging is balanced with a bit of humility and class.

3. Offer tips

People are looking for information. They want to know how to do things and you are trying to share your expertise in such a way as to drum up more business. Before deciding to do business with you, potential customers might want to be assured of your expertise. Share just enough information that you affirm your place as an expert, but don’t offer too much; potential customers may no longer need your services.

4. Be personal

Give readers a sense of who you are and what your business is about. It’s OK to share anecdotes from a recent vacation or conference; just make sure that as you share personal information like this, you do it in a way that’s appropriate so that the personal is balanced with the business.

Websites are great, but adding a blog is nearly a necessity these days. Keeping a blog is not difficult, but learning how to keep the right balance of business and personal is. Apply these tips to help you find that balance and watch your blog grow.


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