Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog

Not everyone is on the blogging bandwagon, but they should be. Business owners, in particular, should understand the value of blogging.

Consider these top 10 reasons why blogging is important for a business.

1. Generate traffic

Your business relies on traffic. Foot traffic is good, but driving traffic to a website is even better. When you blog, you are constantly creating new and fresh content, which keeps people coming to your website; those website visitors often turn into paying customers.

2. Keep the audience

Instead of just advertising or using stunts to get attention, a blog offers a low-key way to generate interest in your business and keep that audience coming back. If you create an interesting blog that offers useful information, your audience will return again and again for more information.

3. Rev your audience

Most good blogs will do more than find and keep an audience; they will also motivate that audience to do something with the information they’ve received. Readers might be compelled to make an order, to make an appointment, to give you business.

4. Build trust

It’s important that potential customers feel like they know you; when you blog regularly, you create trust and customers feel as if they know you and they trust you. This familiarity often leads to increased business for you.

5. Build a brand

Nothing is more important to businesses than branding. This is about putting your brand out there in a positive and constructive way. When you are well branded, people remember who you are and are more likely to help you with word-of-mouth advertising, the best kind.

6. Humanize your business

Static websites are great, but a blog speaks to people and makes them feel as if they know you, as if they believe that a human is behind the website, behind the brand and inside the business. This ultimately leads to more business for you.

7. Become an expert

Potential customers like the idea of purchasing or doing business with someone who is an expert. When you create a useful and informative blog, you present yourself as the authority and an expert, which generates trust.

8. Promotion

This is an easy concept to understand. Through your blog, you can offer some self-promotion. Don’t do it all the time, of course, but a little self-promotion mixed with information and education can’t be a bad thing.

9. Linking

A good company blog can become part of an internal linking structure. You can link from the blog to pages on your website, and your website can, in turn, link to the blog. This not only encourages increased traffic, but also helps to develop trust in your product offerings.

10. Recruitment

You can recruit employees, contacts, and other help through your blog. Your blog audience can provide an endless supply of help, advice and contacts.

Creating and keeping a useful blog is one of the most important things a business can do these days. Through a blog, companies create trust, generate business and increase web traffic.

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