Technology Architecture

Build a Strategic Map of Best in Class Technology

At Baycentric, we consult on and recommend best in class tech stacks. Architecting your tech stack allows your company to have a complete plan to support all of your future products and applications. 

Rewriting and rebuilding is expensive, so some early planning can help ensure the integrity of early decisions for long term success. By understanding your existing infrastructure, capabilities, and plans for development, we can advise you on all the layers of your tech stack (front-end, middle tier, back-end, server). Your stack is essential to your success, and our team of sophisticated front-end, full stack, and back-end developers have a deep understanding of what works well together to help ensure your goals are achieved.


Your Stack

Our team of developers will spend time understanding what you already have, developing documentation, and forwarding a specific recommendation based on what you need. Beyond analyzing simple front-end, middle tier, back-end, and server infrastructure, we can help you plan the best in class dev ops tools to make development efficient

Your Scalability

Building an app that scales is a lot different than just building an app. Our strategic development team will anticipate the trajectory of your product, how your stack will have to change, and what specific features will scale. With our deep experience with AWS and Azure, we'll help you get on the right track, creating a stack that accomplishes your goals.

Your Innovation

Your tech stack is tied to everything else: your user experience, performance, and speed. Having a best in class tech stack and knowing where to take it next will enable innovation. We're a team that understands innovation, UI/UX design, solid development, and the fact that your stack is a key ingredient for your success.



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