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For business owners, creating a comprehensive marketing strategy that utilizes the power of the web, while highlighting your products, services and website to generate income can be a very difficult task. Trying to find the time to learn how to use all of the technology available on the web and how to apply it to your internet marketing campaigns can be nearly impossible when simultaneously trying to run your business.

MailChimp is a service that enables your site’s members, users and subscribers interested in your services or products to subscribe to email marketing lists through sign-up forms on your website. As a full service web development and internet marketing firm, Baycentric can help you create the custom theme that suits your brand best, for the most professional and efficient email marketing campaigns.

Featured on the MailChimp Experts Directory, Baycentric provides innovative marketing tools to give your business a distinct competitive advantage with cutting-edge email template fabrication, implementation and internet marketing solutions that are easy to use. Baycentric also offers the advantage of integrating MailChimp’s “Drag-and-Drop” content blocks with Custom themes. This allows clients control to easily and quickly add text, images, dividers, buttons and video blocks to each campaign without the need for additional development. You can begin to brand your product or service with the easy to use web-interface and create marketing campaigns tailored specifically to your target audiences.