Analysis & Optimization

Measure, analyze, and optimize for success

Business plans, proven tactics, and innovative ideas are necessary, and so is quantifying accomplishments and improvements. We’ll help you measure your progress each step of the way, so that you can optimize your strategy to reach your business goals.

You want to grow and make your business known through proven analytical methods. We’ll start with a diagnostic of the current state of your business and then create a game plan tuned to helping you achieve your goals through the use of well-defined key metrics. After this big-vision assessment, we’ll evaluate your website, products sales, and marketing strategies, and anything else that produces tangible numbers for your business. Solid reports which measure real performance indicators point out specific areas which can be improved and, ultimately, result in business’ growth and profitability.



Focusing on real world numbers creates a foundation for further improvement. We’ll start with evaluating your businesses’ current state and objectives to determine what metrics to use, and then we'll use this primary analysis as a launching pad. You’ll have actual, reliable numbers and KPIs to direct your business planning and target business goals. With us, you’ll construct the groundwork essential to your progress and improvement.


Baycentric will help you compile the blueprints that point you to the right strategy. After metrics are gathered, we’ll probe your analytics to see what patterns and strategies produce the most results, as well as the ones that don’t. Compare yourself against industry competitors and learn what they do right and what you can adopt.


Numbers and analysis are major components to pursuing more innovative and advanced ways of marketing your business, making long-lasting customer relationships, and retaining an optimal conversion rate. We’ll make and track the changes together, then measure results. The process continues by developing an improved game plan and implementing it in concrete ways so that your business continues to evolve and grow.



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