Magento Open Source 2.1.11 Released

We are pleased to present Magento Open Source 2.1.11. This release includes both new features and many improvements. Check out the many community-contributed fixes!


Look for the following highlights in this release:

New features

  • Support for the Indian Rupee (INR) in PayPal Express Checkout
  • New commands and functionality for the command-line interface. We’ve added interactivity to the admin:user:create command, and added the ability to handle CLI setup interactively (with prompts).

Fixes and enhancements (highlights)

  • Significant enhancements for payment methods. We’ve fixed an issue where some Braintree refunds did not work. Braintree online refunds now work when you are using two Braintree accounts on two separate websites.
  • Corrected sitemap generation. Magento no longer generates the sitemap in the wrong directory when vhost is connected to /pub. Previously, Magento generated the sitemap in the root folder instead of the pub folder. GitHub-2802
  • When a simple child product on a configurable product has a lower price (either regular, or special price) than the other options (variations), the configurable product without any selected options now indicates that the price could be “As low as” = . Previously, if a simple child product has a price that is lower than the other options, and no options on the configurable product have been selected yet, the configurable product will be shown with with the lowest available price.
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