Magento Open Source 2.1.3 Released

We are pleased to present Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition) 2.1.3. This release includes many functional enhancements and fixes.


Magento 2.1.3 contains more than 90 bug fixes and enhancements, including these highlights:

  • New PayPal and Braintree payment features
    • Increase conversion rates through faster checkouts by empowering customers to save their PayPal account as a payment option. This feature eliminates the need to enter a PayPal ID and password when making future purchases.
    • Reduce chargebacks and support calls by customizing the business name, phone number, and URL that appears on credit card statements for each of your websites through Braintree.
    • Reduce your risk of accidently shipping products to customers flagged by Braintree’s fraud risk feature with a new process that requires you to confirm risk decisions before proceeding with orders.
    • Enable unregistered customers to reorder or add items to an existing order in the Admin without having to re-enter their credit card information. Merchant can now bill the last payment method used during a guest checkout.
    • Simplify the process of configuring payments for your store with a redesigned Payment Methods page in the Admin interface.
  • Increased storefront performance by removing excessive and slow SQL media queries.
  • Management of configurable products with many variations in the Admininterface without degrading performance.
  • Successful import or export CSV files with data that contains special symbols (that is, symbols that are not escaped during file processing).
  • The Sales module provides two new web API endpoints that allow you to process refunds from an order or invoice. Previously, these actions could only be performed from the Admin interface. After you install this patch, you can:
    • Create a credit memo (complete or partial) for a particular invoice or order.
    • Add details about refunded items to an invoice or order.
    • Update the status and state of an invoice or order after actions are performed.
    • Notify a customer about refunded items or invoice or order.

    REST integrators can use POST /V1/invoice/{invoiceId}/refund and /V1/order/{orderId}/refund to perform these actions. SOAP integrators can call salesRefundInvoiceV1 and salesRefundOrderV1.

  • Enhanced performance in the processing of large catalogs. The catalog/product indexer no longer requires a large temporary table memory allocation in MySQL for large catalogs.

Functional fixes and enhancements

We address the following functional issues in this release.

Cart and checkout

  • You can now reload a page during checkout without unintentionally changing shipping information.
  • Custom address attributes now appear in the Checkout summary.
  • Lengthy Order Status tables are now paginated as expected.
  • Magento now displays the product add validation message (“Product was added to the cart”) only after you have successfully added a product to your cart.
  • We’ve resolved an issue that prevented you from adding more than one product to a shopping cart from a wishlist. (GITHUB-5282)
  • The number of items in the minicart is now updated correctly when you run Magento in mixed HTTP/HTTPS mode. (GITHUB-6487)
  • The minicart now performs as expected in deployments that span multiple websites. Previously, in a Magento installation that had multiple websites, products you added to one website appeared in the other websites’ minicarts.
  • A cart rule with a coupon code no longer overrides a cart rule without a coupon code when multiple cart rules are applied. Previously, when you created two cart rules and applied them to a cart, the rule with a coupon was applied, but the second rule was not. (GITHUB-6294)
  • Refreshing your browser page while on the Review and Payments page of the checkout process no longer clears information from form fields. Previously, Magento cleared information from the Ship to field if you refreshed your browser page during this process.
  • Magento no longer lets you add a product variation to your shopping cart if the item is out of stock. Previously, Magento permitted you to select an out-of-stock item and when you added it to your cart, displayed the “Product is out of stock” message.
  • We’ve corrected a problem with Magento displaying an HTTP ERROR 500 intermittently during checkout.
  • We fixed a JavaScript error that occurred on the Checkout page after you changed the country in the Estimate Shipping and Tax field.
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