5 Tips For Writing Blogs That Get Read, Remembered & Shared

We all know that blogging is important. Done right, it’s a solid method to brand yourself and bring potential customers to your website while giving them a better understanding of your company and product.

But done wrong, blogging is a just a waste of time.

Consider these five tips for writing blogs that get read, remembered and even shared with others.

1. Use emotion

Many of us tend to approach our readers with logical arguments or with logical reasons why they should read our blog, consider our products, tell others about us. But most of us respond to things emotionally, so approaching readers with an emotional argument rather than a logical one makes good sense.

Let’s say you are blogging about your product and you give rational, logical reasons for why your reader should consider your product. The reader will respond logically and weigh all the pros and cons of buying. But if you approach them with emotional arguments, such as selling them on the benefits of your product or your product’s ability to solve a problem, the reader will provide an emotional response.

2. Brand yourself

While you can have a link on your website to your blog, you want to create a unique presence for that blog; most people won’t click through to your blog from your home page but will instead find your blog in some other fashion (perhaps by Googling your company name). You want to make sure that blog has its own presence. Get a domain name and a solid-looking logo for the blog. Work to make the blog look unique and interesting and not like a prefab blog.

3. Use video & images

Video is one of the best tools these days for getting people to your blog and keeping them there. Many times people will navigate away from a blog within a few seconds, but when you provide video content, they will click on the video and have a look. In this way, you ensure people stay at your site longer. Images can have the same effect. Pick images that work well with your copy and that make sense.

4. Promote, promote, promote

You can have the best written blog and the one that looks the best, but if you don’t have the traffic, it’s all irrelevant.  Create a blog roll that includes sites that are on your topic or relevant to your topic.  Get to know other bloggers in your topic area and develop a relationship with them by commenting on their posts and offering links to your posts they might find useful. Comment on the comments others leave for you. Engage in that discussion and connect with readers.

5. Provide valuable & meaningful content

At the end of the day, you are advertising, but don’t act like it. Provide good content that customers and potential customers can really use. When you educate, entertain or converse with readers you gain customers.

Writing blogs can be fun and worthwhile, but certain rules of common sense should be followed. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your blog gets read and enjoyed.



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